Here’s some tips on training at home during lockdown from Head Coach, Jamie…

I was having a conversation with a couple of members who said they’ve really been struggling with not having a gym to go to, even though they have equipment at home.

I can understand that, it’s similar to the whole “Work from Home” situation going on right now, the vast majority have been given the tools to work from home and just expected to crack on being just as productive and efficient as you were at work.

Unless you are a seasoned WFH’er then it’s unlikely that initially your productivity will be the same as when you were office based. Some of you might lack motivation, some might get distracted by the washing up or other DIY jobs around the house. That lay in past 7.30am might be far too tempting, so you miss breakfast for the company Zoom call you have at 9.30am.

After doing some research and talking to seasoned WFH’ers it would seem that those who are successful at working from home have in place common elements. They generally structure their days, they allocate time to specific tasks, they have a separate workspace and they maintain a routine. 

If this is best WFH practice then perhaps we should aim to apply this to “Working Out from Home”. We’ve given you some suggestions below to start with, but we would love to hear your own tips and tricks too.

Get organised – if you read my last blog about scheduling your training then you know what I mean, if not go and check it out (I liken our training habits to wiping with the wrong hand).

Have a set workout space – set this up and if you can leave it out ready to go, leave it out ready to go. Creating a separate space where you don’t have to pull out DB’s from a cupboard, fish your skipping rope out from beneath the sofa and empty last night’s cocktail from you water bottle before even starting your workout is a joy. Yes, it’s not UNIT 22, but working out in a different space to where you’ve spent the majority of your day can mentally make it easier and simulate that “going to the gym” feeling.

If you have the luxury of a home or full garage gym then this is easy (lucky buggers!) if not, find a space that allows you enough room to lunge forwards and the coaches can help modify the exercises to the space you have.

Get an accountability partner – are you always hitting the same class as others? Don’t let the fact that the class is online stop you from telling your mate to get their ass on the class and they must do the same for you. Get booked in together and turn up.

Communicate to your family – this is YOU time – it’s okay to take time out for you. Make sure your kids have enough snacks to last them the hour (a full three course dinner plus cheese and biscuits might do it according to Bonney) and tell your other half or family members that you are off to enjoy your workout, see you in 60!

Alternatively, get the whole family involved. An hour’s entertainment that you don’t have to think about, and you get a workout?!

If you’re being put off by using Zoom or feel slightly self-conscious about being on camera, that’s cool, drop one of the coaches an email and let us know you want to join but you’ll be leaving your camera off. Just turn it back on if you need assistance or help with a movement.

Drop us a message with your Workout from Home tips!

We can’t wait to get back to our second home too…

Until then, stay safe and happy training!