Weightlifting is an Olympic discipline where athletes attempt maximum effort lifts in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. In a competition, the goal is to gain the maximum amount of weight in each discipline (Snatch and Clean & Jerk), which is then combined to give them a total score. This is often referred to as an “Olympic Total”.

Weightlifting is a very skilful sport and requires much coordination and accuracy as well as strength and power. However, because competitions are split into weight categories, the athlete’s strength and power is relative to their body weight category.

Weightlifting training encompasses many aspects such as strength, power, speed, plyometrics, flexibility and coordination, so just because somebody is strong doesn’t mean they will make a good weightlifter. All of the above elements have to be considered and worked to become an effective and successful lifter, so neglecting others could limit a lifters progress.

Typically China, Russia, Turkey and the old soviet states have been very successful in Weightlifting over the years and many of their lifters hold world records and international and olympic medals. British Weightlifting is slowly catching up and starting to be a very competitive force on the international circuit, so UNIT 22 Weightlifting Club want to be at the forefront of developing tomorrow’s lifters.

At UNIT 22 Weightlifting Club we encourage all lifters to start slow and perfect their technique before progressing with weight and attempting maximal lifts, otherwise there becomes a risk of injury. Our programme encompasses all of the elements outlined above and we will coach each exercise that we programme to ensure all lifters understand the movements. Before starting to attend classes all of our new lifters must complete the UNIT 22 Weightlifting Introduction Course, which is designed to teach you the basic movements and techniques you will need to know during a session and so that you understand why we have programmed these movements. It also gives us a chance to see how well you move and how capable you are before turning up to a class and not knowing what to do.

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