As mentioned on the Sports Massage page, at The Movement Clinic we think it’s important to have all aspects of fitness and exercise covered, so that we can offer a diverse package to our members and non-members which will keep them in the best shape to continue their progress and achieve their goals.

The most important aspect of fitness and exercise is being able to complete a workout without compromising your form because of tight muscles or muscle imbalances or because of pain. If you find that you often have pain in certain muscles or joints during or after exercise, or that you have a continuous niggling pain in a certain area which is exacerbated by exercise, then this probably caused by a mechanical issue in your body. If left untreated this mechanical issue can cause muscle imbalance, over-working of muscles around the problem area, referred pain to other areas of the body (e.g. headaches from neck & shoulder muscles) and potentially injury of the over-worked muscles.

A Movement Analysis allows us to look at how your body is moving around certain joints and identify any tightness, weakness or imbalance occurring at those joints which may be contributing to symptoms like muscle tightness, dull aches in the muscles, shooting pains during exercise, loss of strength etc.

The analysis consists of a full postural assessment to look at any asymmetry in the body and identify problem areas. This is then followed by a full Biomechanics Screen, which looks at how the body is moving around certain joints by checking the range of motion to identify tight or weak muscles that could causing imbalances and therefore any symptoms related to those imbalances. It’s sort of like an M.O.T. and service on a car.

Once we have found the issues that may be leading to the pain or weaknesses that have been identified by the patient, then we can look at treating them with a combination of Sports Massage, self massage & trigger-point therapy and strengthening exercises to re-balance the kinetic chain (movement patterns) and regain normal muscular and joint function. This can be done under the supervision of one of our experts in personal training sessions, which we strongly recommend, or you can follow a plan given to you after your assessment in your own time and manage things yourself.


A Movement Analysis and consultation is £45, which consists of a full Postural Assessment, Biomechanics screen and a comprehensive rehabilitation and corrective exercise plan. This session will usually last 1 hour and following on from that, it is your choice as to whether you continue with Sports Massage and rehabilitation with us or take responsibility for this yourself.

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